Thunder Trade For Pistons’ Bojan Bogdanovic In Bold Proposal

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Ultimately, every team in the NBA has the same goal: to win as much as possible. The only difference lies in each team’s timeline. Some teams are looking to win now, and others are trying to win later. 

Yet, even teams in the latter camp will need the future to eventually become the present. In time, they’ll look to flip the switch. At the same time, that can be easier said than done.

Sometimes, the switch simply doesn’t want to be flipped. That’s been an issue for the Detroit Pistons. They’re one of the worst teams in the NBA – again.

On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder seem to be on the rise.

Could they acquire Bojan Bogdanovic from the Pistons as a result? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Oklahoma City Thunder Land Detroit Pistons’ Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA Trade Rumors
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Detroit Pistons Receive: F Davis Bertans, 2024 First-Round Pick (Top 4 Protected – HOU via OKC) 
Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: F Bojan Bogdanovic 

What’s gone wrong in Detroit? This team has been in the lottery for years. As a result, they’ve got a lot of talent. Why isn’t it coming together? 

There are a number of explanations. Some of the talent on this roster just doesn’t fit together. Perhaps that’s why Jaden Ivey has been on the bench throughout the year. He’s not an optimal fit alongside Cade Cunningham.

At the same time, neither is Killian Hayes. In fact, Hayes has been a bit of a whiff in general. More broadly, the Pistons may have drafted too many guards.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder Updates

This team is light on wing depth. The Pistons have talent, but at the moment, they’re a bit of a mess.

Does this deal help them clean up? 

Why The Detroit Pistons Do The Deal 

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Perhaps not immediately. This deal doesn’t make Detroit a better team on a short-term basis. Bertans is a downgrade from Bogdanovic. That’s why they’re getting a first-round pick. 

Granted, it’s protected. That’s fine. This pick comes from the Houston Rockets – another rebuilding team that appears to be on the rise.

The odds of it conveying appear to be high. If it doesn’t, that will mean something has gone terribly wrong in Houston. How will the Pistons use that pick?

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder Updates

Well, they could use it to land a player who’s a better fit with the rest of this roster – whether through the draft or via the trade market. Either way, after such a rough start to the season, it feels like it’s time for the Pistons to move on from Bogdanovic.

Should the Thunder look to acquire the veteran sharpshooter? 

Why The Oklahoma City Thunder Do The Deal 

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Arguably, the pieces on the Thunder don’t fit cleanly either. They’re still making it work. Still, if this team has a shortcoming, it’s their floor spacing. Bogdanovic would help as much as anybody in the NBA. He’s a knockdown shooter, but he’s also more than that.

Bogdanovic can create his own shot. He’ll make the Thunder a much better team. Meanwhile, they’ve got the most impressive collection of draft capital in NBA history.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Bojan Bogdanovic, Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder Updates

The Thunder can spare one pick – realistically, they won’t be able to develop every prospect they’ve got on their roster currently in the first place. By now, development should be the Thunder’s secondary goal – this team is ready to win. 

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