Heat Trade For Wizards’ Jordan Poole In Bold Proposal

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In the NBA, nothing matters as much as talent. It’s the biggest difference-maker in the league. With that said, talent isn’t everything. A player needs to be able to play within a team concept. It might not matter how much talent they’ve got if they can’t. 

Take Jordan Poole of the Washington Wizards. He’s clearly talented. Poole can hit shots that appear to be impossible to the naked eye. Yet, he tends to play outside of the team.

That’s presumably why the Golden State Warriors traded him. Recently, it’s been suggested that the Wizards could move him as well. 

At the same time, somebody will want to take a flyer on Poole’s talent. He’s still young enough to figure out NBA basketball, and he’s too talented to fall out of the league yet.

Could the Miami Heat take a flyer on him? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Miami Heat Land Washington Wizards’ Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, NBA trade rumors
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Washington Wizards Receive: G Kyle Lowry, 2027 First-Round Pick (Swap – MIA) 
Miami Heat Receive: G Jordan Poole 

In fact, some players have gotten a lot of mileage out of their talent. They aren’t among the most naturally gifted players in the NBA, but they’ve managed to achieve star status anyway.

For example, take a look at Lowry. We’re not saying that he isn’t talented. He clearly is. Yet, Lowry overachieved in his career. That’s not a criticism – it’s a compliment.

Lowry was in the league for some time before he made an All-Star team. Once he got there, he managed to extend his stay in the All-Star conversation for quite a while. Lowry isn’t an impossible shotmaker or a top-tier athlete. How did this happen? 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat Updates

Lowry works hard. He does the little things. This is a player who once led the league in charges taken every year. Should the Heat really move on from him? 

Why The Miami Heat Do The Deal 

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This would be a risk for Miami. It’s not necessarily the type of move that this organization typically makes. They probably won’t trade for Poole. Fine. Indulge us for a moment. 

As good as Lowry has been, he’s approaching the end of his career. Meanwhile, Miami likely doesn’t have enough talent to follow up on last season’s NBA Finals run.

Unfortunately, this team is also light on talent. They could make a trade for a better player, but they might not have anything left afterward. Here, they’re getting Poole for an expiring contract and a swap. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat Updates

Who knows? Poole may thrive in Miami’s stricter, more organized system. Moreover, Miami has plenty of playmaking between Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler – they can support another scorer. Poole’s ability to get buckets in half-court sets could be all that Miami needs.

Should the Wizards part with him? 

Why The Washington Wizards Do The Deal 

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Frankly, probably not. The Wizards just acquired Poole. They should probably hang onto him. Yet, the fact that rumors are already circulating that they’re considering moving on from him is not a good sign. 

If the Wizards do make Poole available, they won’t get a massive return. In case we haven’t been clear, this is a problematic player. Teams aren’t going to treat Poole like a star, so the Wizards can’t expect them to on the trade market. 

With that in mind, a swap should satisfy them. Is it likely to convey? No, but it’s possible. The Heat could suffer a loss, and the Wizards’ rebuild could be ahead of schedule in a few years.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jordan Poole, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat Updates

Throw in an expiring contract in Lowry, and this deal could motivate the Wizards to get rid of a talented young player. 

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