Rockets Trade For Bulls’ Andre Drummond In Bold Proposal

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If you’re a Houston Rockets fan, you deserve this. The Rockets have been among the worst teams in the NBA for three seasons. This year, they’re breaking that trend. As of this writing, the Rockets have won sixth consecutive games. 

Will they regress? Likely. Opponents are shooting an abnormally low percentage from long-range against Houston. That’s partly due to their revamped defense, but some luck is also involved.

Meanwhile, they’re having a harder time scoring on Houston at the rim. With that said, the Rockets are lacking a rim-protecting big man.

They won’t replace Alperen Sengun in the starting lineup – he’s been their best player. Still, finding a backup for him in that mold could be a suitable course of action.

How about Andre Drummond of the Chicago Bulls? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Houston Rockets Land Chicago Bulls’ Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors
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Chicago Bulls Receive: G/F Victor Oladipo, 2024 Second-Round Pick (OKC via HOU), 2024 Second-Round Pick (HOU), 2025 Second-Round Pick (BKN via HOU) 
Houston Rockets Receive: G Jevon Carter, C Andre Drummond 

If you’re a Bulls fan, you don’t deserve this. You deserve better. It’s been some time since the Bulls gave their fans a reason to hope. This team was mediocre for a long time.

When they traded for Nikola Vucevic and signed DeMar DeRozan, they were hoping to change that. So far, those moves have only resulted in more mediocrity.

It appears that this front office is aware. Recently, reports have surfaced that Chicago is open to moving Zach LaVine. This comes as a surprise.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andre Drumond, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets Updates

The Bulls consistently communicated that LaVine was untouchable. They were expected to retool around the star guard. If they’re moving him, we should expect them to host a fire sale.

Are they getting enough back for two useful veterans here? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

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Neither Drummond nor Carter will land the Bulls a first-round pick. They’re both too limited. Drummond is an inconsistent defender, and Carter has limited offensive value. 

So, they should be happy to land a trio of second-rounders. The Bulls will be bringing in plenty of assets if they’re moving everyone.

LaVine should net them a handful of firsts, and Alex Caruso will fetch a return as well. DeRozan and Vucevic could each go for a first-round pick as well. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andre Drumond, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets Updates

Moreover, the Bulls should be happy to add Oladipo’s expiring contract to their books. That will give them the financial flexibility that a rebuilding team should covet.

Should the Rockets give up that flexibility? 

Why The Houston Rockets Do The Deal 

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Why not? The Rockets aren’t rebuilding anymore. With that in mind, they don’t have time to develop second-round picks, either.

This team can’t even find room for Cam Whitmore in their rotation. The Rockets should be buyers this season. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to break the bank. Sure, the Rockets could make a bigger trade than this one.

At the same time, they may want to hang onto their assets. If this team keeps playing well, they may decide that they only need to make minor adjustments. So, that’s what they’re doing here.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andre Drumond, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets Updates

The Rockets are acquiring a backup big who can offer some rim protection. Meanwhile, Carter is a useful 3-and-D guard who should easily usurp Aaron Holiday. This deal should make the Rockets a better team. Don’t their fans deserve that? 

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