Knicks’ Interest Level In Bulls’ Zach LaVine Revealed

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When gauging what the trade market could look like in the NBA this season, one team comes to mind as a surefire buyer; the New York Knicks. Outside of the treasure trove of draft picks Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti has put together, there may not be a team in the NBA better positioned to make a blockbuster deal than New York.

President Leon Rose has done an excellent job of stockpiling assets himself while remaining patient, waiting for the right time to cash in. The Knicks got close during the 2022 offseason, engaging the Utah Jazz in negotiations for weeks before Donovan Mitchell was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Again this offseason, the Knicks were mocked as a potential landing spot for the next superstar that wants a change of scenery. Mitchell was mentioned again, along with reigning MVP Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers and former MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Zach LaVine, RJ Barrett, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks Updates

Both of those options are likely pipedreams. Antetokounmpo signed an extension with the Bucks in the aftermath of acquiring Damian Lillard and the 76ers look like one of the best teams in the NBA after trading James Harden.

If the Knicks were going to snag an All-Star caliber player during the season, it could come from the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are on the verge of a rebuild, as insiders have reported their team is going to look much different a month from now.

One of the players who could be on the move is Zach LaVine. He and the Bulls are increasingly open to exploring a trade as the team figures out the direction they want to head in. 

Over the offseason, LaVine to New York was a rumor that popped up a few times, but it can be put to bed now. According to NBATradeReport on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Knicks have “zero interest” in making a trade for LaVine.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Zach LaVine, RJ Barrett, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks Updates

That sound you heard is a collective sigh let out by Knicks fans hearing that update. Nearly all of the mock trades involving LaVine to New York have included RJ Barrett going back to Chicago, which would be organizational malpractice at this point.

Barrett is coming into his own in Year 5 of his career, taking his efficiency on offense to another level while playing elite defense. Trading him, along with other assets and draft picks, to the Bulls for LaVine, an explosive offensive player that leaves a lot to be desired defensively, would be a short-sighted move by the franchise.

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