3 Trade Proposals Golden State Warriors Should Already Consider

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All good things come to an end. Apparently, the Golden State Warriors are an exception. This has been the NBA’s most dynastic team for a decade. If the 2023-24 NBA season to date is any indication, the Warriors plan on continuing that run. 

It’s been a strong season for the Warriors so far. Chris Paul is acclimating to his new digs nicely. Jonathan Kuminga is making strides. Most importantly, the Warriors are winning games. Should this team even be looking to make a trade this year? 

Time will tell. The Warriors do have some issues. They could use some shot creation behind Steph Curry. Klay Thompson’s upcoming extension looms over them as well. Here are three deals we think the Warriors should think about this season. 

Trade No. 1 – Golden State Warriors Land New York Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson 

Mitchell Robinson, New York Knicks, NBA Rumors
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Golden State Warriors Receive: C Mitchell Robinson 
New York Knicks Receive: C Kevon Looney, G/F Gary Payton III, 2026 First-Round Pick (GSW) 

Saying goodbye to Looney won’t be easy. In many ways, he’s come to typify the sacrifice and hard work that comes with being a part of these Warriors. He’s a glue guy, and the Warriors would miss him. 

On the other hand, Golden State was at a size disadvantage against the Los Angeles Lakers in last year’s postseason. At 6’9, Looney isn’t a true 5.

By contrast, Robinson is. He’s also a much more impactful interior defender. By pairing his rim protection with Draymond Green’s enduring versatility, the Warriors could build one of the best defenses in the NBA. 

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That would solve one problem. It would still leave Golden State a bit light on shot creation. If the Warriors want to add a more dynamic offensive player, they could – but it will cost them. 

Trade No. 2 – Golden State Warriors Land Toronto Raptors’ Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam, Toronto Raptors, NBA Trade Rumors
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Golden State Warriors Receive: F/C Pascal Siakam 
Toronto Raptors Receive: G Chris Paul, F Jonathan Kuminga, 2026 First-Round Pick (GSW), 2028 First-Round Pick (Lottery Protected – GSW) 

Sure, Chris Paul is fitting in well. Yes, Kuminga is showing improvement. That doesn’t mean that either should be untouchable. If the Warriors can make a distinct upgrade to their roster, they have to at least consider moving either. 

This would be a distinct upgrade. Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam is a dynamic player. By adding him to their current core, the Warriors would dramatically improve their ceiling.

Siakam would make them a better team on both ends of the floor. Yet, this would also get complicated. Siakam will soon be due for a contract extension.

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We already mentioned that Klay Thompson will be expecting his soon as well. This deal would make their financial situation complicated. The next deal in this piece aims to make it easier. 

Trade No. 3 – Golden State Warriors Send Klay Thompson To Charlotte Hornets

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Golden State Warriors Receive: G Terry Rozier, F Gordon Hayward
Charlotte Hornets Receive: G/F Klay Thompson. 2026 First-Round Pick (Top 5 Protected – GSW) 

If moving Kevon Looney would be hard, moving Klay Thompson would be devastating. He’s one of the Splash Brothers. At the same time, if these two sides can’t agree on an extension, it may be time to move on. 

In that event, this deal should suit Golden State. They’re getting that secondary shot creation from Rozier. They’re also landing an expiring deal in Hayward.

They could extend him at a much lower price, or simply let him walk. He also remains a valuable rotation player – this deal should make the Warriors a better team. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Hornets Updates

It could help the Charlotte Hornets as well. Thompson feels like a better fit alongside LaMelo Ball than Rozier as a lethal off-ball weapon. Meanwhile, the Hornets would have the room to extend him if they wanted. Unlike the Warriors, they’re trying to get a good thing started. 

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