Spurs Trade For Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell In New Blockbuster Proposal

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Victor Wembanyama. Just the name inspires hope in NBA fans – or fear, depending on your viewpoint. It’s been a long time since a player was this widely anticipated. Realistically, LeBron James was the last player to come into the NBA with this much fanfare. 

He looks ready. In this year’s preseason so far, Wembanyama has been impressive. His long-term projection is one thing – Wembanyama may change basketball. At this point, even his short-term outlook is encouraging. Wembanyama could be an impact player from day one. 

How should the Spurs respond? Should this team be interested in maximizing their lottery odds next season? Perhaps. On the other hand, they could justify making a win-now move to take a step forward next season. Could they start by acquiring Donovan Mitchell of the Cleveland Cavaliers? 

The Trade Proposal 

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G/F Keldon Johnson, G Devonte’ Graham, 2024 First-Round Pick (SAS), 2027 First-Round Pick (ATL via SAS) 

San Antonio Spurs Receive: G Donovan Mitchell 

Evan Mobley – he isn’t Victor Wembanyama. Who is? That doesn’t mean that Mobley can’t change the fortunes of the Cavaliers. Realistically, he already has. Last year, Mobley was in the running for the Defensive Player of the Year award as a sophomore. 

In fact, there are plenty of similarities between Mobley and Wembanyana. You can include Chet Holmgren in the same group, and draft nerds are ready to mention Alexandre Sarr in the same breath. This is an emerging archetype in the NBA. Long, lanky big men with impressive lateral mobility may be taking over the league. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & San Antonio Spurs Updates

Meanwhile, Mobley may have the best mobility out of all of them. He could be the best defender of the bunch, even if he isn’t as offensively advanced as Wembanyama. In the end, there will only be one Wembanyama. Does this deal help the Cavs build around their franchise player? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

Not exactly. That isn’t the point for Cleveland here. There is a lot of concern about Mitchell’s long-term future with this team. It’s been suggested that he doesn’t want to sign an extension with the Cavs. Time will tell whether there’ much substance in that rumor. 

Let’s assume that there is. If so, the Cavaliers should trade Mitchell before he walks as a free agent. Meanwhile, they probably shouldn’t take a strict rebuilding package. There’s still a lot of talent in Cleveland, and they don’t have the draft capital to return to the lottery. Any Mitchell trade should bring in some pieces that can help the team stay relevant. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & San Antonio Spurs Updates

This deal does that. Johnson is a talented shot-creating wing who also provides some defensive value. Yet, a pair of unprotected first-rounders will help the Cavs as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if they used them to make another big trade as soon as next summer. Should the Spurs give those picks up? 

Why The San Antonio Spurs Do The Deal 

Some Spurs fans will resist this urge. They’ll prefer to see their organization take their time with the rebuild. That’s understandable. If the Spurs made this deal, they’d be passing on the opportunity to draft a prospect like Ron Holland, Matas Buzelis, and Sarr. 

Here’s a question: what are the odds that any of those players are as impactful as Mitchell? He’s one of the best offensive guards in the NBA. Moreover, Mitchell is young enough to grow alongside Wembanyama. If he’s interested in playing with the French phenom, the Spurs should consider assembling the star duo. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & San Antonio Spurs Updates

The gamble is that Wembanyama will reach his prime before Mitchell ages out of his. Alongside other talented players like Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan, that could be a recipe for an NBA championship. That’s been the goal for the Spurs from the moment that they drafted Wembanyama.

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