Bulls Trade For Hornets’ Gordon Hayward In Bold Proposal

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When setting a goal, it’s best to be realistic. Sure, you’d like to be the President of the United States. If you’re a 36-year-old sports writer, you might want to readjust your expectations. NBA teams need to set realistic goals as well. 

What are the Chicago Bulls’ goals this season? It’s hard to say. This team had a disappointing 2022-23 season. As a result, some have expected them to blow up their roster this summer. Yet, every indication suggests that the Bulls aren’t interested in doing so. 

What about the Charlotte Hornets? In all likelihood, they’re hoping to take a step forward this season. Still, they should be realistic as well. The Hornets aren’t going to be in the running for the NBA championship. Should they trade Gordon Hayward to the Bulls as a result? 

The Trade Proposal 

Charlotte Hornets receive: G Lonzo Ball, G Jevon Carter, G/F Dalen Terry
Chicago Bulls receive: F Gordon Hayward

With that said, teams have goals outside of wins and losses as well. Teams need to balance their salary cap. Whether fans like it or not, that can be a pressing goal for an organization. 

So, when a player is on a bad contract, it’s problematic. Sometimes, a player earns a big contract that they can’t live up to in the end. Often, injuries are the culprit. If a player is routinely injured, it will be impossible for them to provide their team with value. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gordon Hayward, Chicago Bulls & Charlotte Hornets Updates

Unfortunately, that’s been the case for Lonzo Ball and the Bulls. In theory, Ball was always a perfect fit for this roster. He’s an elite 3-and-D guard who can make plays for his teammates at will. With that said Ball is constantly hurt. By now, we’d have to consider his contract a bad one. Should the Hornets absorb it? 

Why The Charlotte Hornets Do The Deal 

Sure. After all, this upcoming season is the last guaranteed year of Ball’s contract. In 2024-24, he’s got a player option. Perhaps the Hornets could work something out with him. Ball may opt for long-term money, and besides, his brother happens to be the Hornets’ franchise player. 

That’s part of the Hornets’ logic here. Acquiring LaMelo Ball’s brother could endear them to the superstar point guard. Meanwhile, If Lonzo can get healthy, the two should be a good fit as a backcourt. On the other hand, Ball is too injury-prone for the Hornets to make this deal with him alone in mind. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gordon Hayward, Chicago Bulls & Charlotte Hornets Updates

Luckily, the Hornets could use a backup point guard. Jevon Carter is a solid option as a stout defender who spaces the floor. Meanwhile, Terry has some upside as a big guard with a versatile skill set. Should the Bulls give all of that up for Hayward? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

No matter what the Bulls’ goals are, this deal makes some sense. If they’re looking to win, this is a no-brainer. Given that Ball will be injured all season, Hayward is the best player in this deal. His ability to make plays and space the floor will make him a better team in 2023-24. 

Meanwhile, Hayward is also on an expiring contract. This will free up cap space for the Bulls a year sooner than it would with Ball on the books. This big market team could look to make a splash in next summer’s free agency. Alternatively, if they’re rebuilding, they’ll be happy to have cap space to absorb bad contracts if they’re coming attached with sweeteners. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gordon Hayward, Chicago Bulls & Charlotte Hornets Updates

This deal wouldn’t be legal at the moment, as the Bulls just acquired Carter. If he’s proven to be a good fit with this roster, or Terry is breaking out, the Bulls will pass on this deal. Otherwise, it makes sense – it should help the Bulls meet a couple of different goals at the same time. 

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