3 Bold Trade Proposals Milwaukee Bucks Must Consider

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Every NBA team has expectations. When they fall short of them, it’s generally perceived as a failure. Just don’t tell Giannis Antetokoumnpo of the Milwaukee Bucks that. 

After all, the Bucks lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs this year. That was dramatically short of the expectations around this team. Yet, Antetokoumnpo says that they didn’t fail. We admire his perspective, but it’s a matter of debate. 

Either way, here’s what isn’t debatable, the Bucks should make some changes. A similar outcome in 2023-24 would be unacceptable. This team is a little light on assets, but they should make the most of what they’ve got. Here are three deals we think they’d have to consider with that in mind. 

Trade No. 1 – Bucks Acquire Devonte’ Graham From San Antonio Spurs 

San Antonio Spurs Receive: F/C Bobby Portis 
Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Devonte’ Graham 

A look at this roster does reflect one glaring need. The Bucks could use a backup point guard. As constructed, they’re leaning too heavily on Jrue Holiday at that position. 

Graham could be perfect. No, he’s not a star-caliber player. The Bucks don’t need a star. What they need is a sturdy, reliable ball-handler who can space the floor and set up teammates. Graham qualifies. Should the Spurs want Portis? 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Milwaukee Bucks, Delon Wright, Terry Rozier & Devonte’ Graham Updates    

Well, it’s debatable. It seems as if the Spurs want a big man to pair with Victor Wembanyama. Portis isn’t a pure 5 – he’s more of a combo big. Still, he’s willing to do the dirty work that the Spurs are likely looking to shield Wembanyama from. With that said, if they want a more traditional 5, the Bucks may have to turn elsewhere for their backup point guard. 

Trade No. 2 – Bucks Acquire Delon Wright From Washington Wizards 

Washington Wizards Receive: G/F Grayson Allen 
Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Delon Wright 

Meanwhile, the Bucks have solid guard depth. Between Holiday, Allen, and Pat Connaughton, they’ve got three guards who would make any playoff team’s rotation. The issue is that neither Allen or Connaughton is a point guard. 

So, the Bucks are diversifying here. They’re turning one of those 3-and-D off-guards into a point guard. Wright feels like a nice fit. His plus positional size will allow the Bucks to have a size advantage at every position for stretches of games.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Milwaukee Bucks, Delon Wright & Washington Wizards Updates    

The Wizards can spare him. They’ve got Tyus Jones, and he’s the superior player. With that said, the Bucks could be after a bigger fish. If so, they might have the means to land one – if they’re willing to pool all of their assets together. 

Trade No. 3 – Bucks Acquire Terry Rozier From Charlotte Hornets 

Charlotte Hornets Receive: F/C Bobby Portis, G/F Pat Connnaughton, G/F MarJon Beauchamp, 2028 First-Round Pick (MIL) 
Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Terry Rozier 

Why wouldn’t the Bucks give up assets? This team is contending. They need to get better. Yes, Beauchamp has flashed potential, and yes, losing a first-round pick stings. None of that compares to the value of acquiring Rozier. 

He could function as an elite sixth man for this club. Rozier can create offense from scratch. By adding him, the Bucks could have a player who does so on the floor for all 48 minutes. Meanwhile, Rozier’s ability to shoot will make him a natural fit alongside the starters as well.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Milwaukee Bucks, Terry Rozier & Charlotte Hornets Updates    

Should the Hornets part with him? For this price, we think so. Again, Beauchamp has flashed plenty of potential as a two-way wing. Add in a first-round pick, and the Hornets would have to consider this deal – it would be a failure not to.

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