Lakers Trade For Cavaliers’ Caris LeVert In Bold Proposal

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In the NBA, the ability to create your own shot is invaluable. If you can beat a defense on your own, you’ll find a place in this league. With that said, it may not be the place you’d hoped for. 

Think about it. Sure, a player may be able to create shots. If he can’t do it consistently, a team won’t build around their abilities. Meanwhile, if that player doesn’t have some ancillary skills, they may be a reserve. For example, take Caris LeVert of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

LeVert is a remarkable basketball player. He can hit shots that would make superstars blush. With that said, he just doesn’t do it consistently enough. For that reason, LeVert is generally regarded as a reserve. Could the Los Angeles Lakers use him anyway? 

The Trade Proposal 

Cleveland Cavaliers receive: F Rui Hachimura
Los Angeles Lakers receive: G/F Caris LeVert, 2024 Second-Round Pick (GSW via CLE), 2025 Second-Round Pick (MIL via CLE) 

Shot creation is one of the two main skills that NBA stars tend to possess. The other is playmaking. Which is more important? 

There’s no right answer. Realistically, it depends on who we’re talking about. We’ve seen elite shot creators without much of an eye for passing. We’ve also seen dynamic playmakers who can’t always create their own looks. With that said, the best players in NBA history can do both. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Take the Lakers’ LeBron James. He’s renowned for his playmaking. James is one of the best passers in NBA history. With that said James is a shot creator, too. It’s his ability to generate offense for himself and others that have made him one of the best players in league history. Would LeVert be a compliment to him? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

Some Lakers fans won’t love this proposal. Hachimura is young, and flashed plenty of potential in last year’s postseason. What are the Lakers doing here? 

Well, they’ll have to see how their season is going. If Hachimura is thriving, and the Lakers are winning, they won’t want to make this deal. Let’s consider some alternate scenarios. If Hachimura regresses, or the Lakers are underperforming, they could make some major moves this season. Could they look for an injection of shot creation? 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

If so, LeVert could be the ticket. Sure, he can be a flawed player. He’s still a more dynamic offensive threat than Hachimura. To put it in simple terms, the Lakers will make this move if they’ve got to make it. Should the Cavaliers even make it themselves? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers should not need shot creation. They’ve got plenty of it. Between Darius Garland and Donovan Mitchell, they’re getting plenty of it from their backcourt. 

What the Cavaliers need is 3-and-D wings. They could afford to sacrifice some of LeVert’s shot creation to add some defense on the wings. Is that what they’re doing here? It’s debatable. Hachimura isn’t a lockdown defender. With that said, he’s solid, and he’s got the athletic profile to improve. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Caris LeVert, Cleveland Cavaliers & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

The Cavaliers are gambling that he would. If he does, this will be a steal for them. Still, even if Hachimura stagnates, he should be able to settle into the lower usage role that the Cavaliers would need him to settle into. He may not be able to create his own shot like LeVert, but that’s not all that matters. 

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