Magic Trade For Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell In Bold Proposal

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Around the NBA, some secrets are poorly kept. There is a certain amount of common knowledge. Teams may wish that it wasn’t available, but they can’t seem to control it. 

It feels like Donovan Mitchell’s interest in playing in a bigger market is one of those secrets. As it stands, he’s a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Recent rumors have indicated that the partnership may not last. It’s being said that Mitchell wouldn’t sign an extension with the Cavaliers at this moment. 

He’s only been in Cleveland for a season. Yet, it already feels like Cleveland could move Mitchell soon. If they’re not going to retain him, they should move him before they lose him for nothing. Could they send him to the Orlando Magic? 

The Trade Proposal

Cleveland Cavaliers receive: F/C Jonathan Isaac, G/F Gary Harris, 2024 First-Round Pick (ORL), 2025 First-Round Pick (DEN via ORL), 2026 First-Round Pick (ORL), 2028 First-Round Pick (ORL) 
Orlando Magic receive: G Donovan Mitchell 

With that said, market size has factored into plenty of NBA situations. Mitchell is not the first star to want to play in a bigger one. It’s good for a player’s brand. 

It’s not good for small market teams. With that said, this feels like an unsolvable problem. Players will want to play in front of more people. They’ll want to play in the glamor markets. All small market teams can do is try to target players who aren’t interested in market size. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Orlando Magic Updates

Is Orlando a big market? No. With that said, it’s a tourist town. The Magic have drawn in the past. If they’re winning, Mitchell would have eyes on him. Still, the point stands: Orlando is not a big market. Should they take a risk and acquire Mitchell anyway? 

Why The Orlando Magic Do The Deal 

Let’s put the market issue aside. There are other reasons that Orlando could be apprehensive about acquiring Mitchell. This team was in the lottery last season. Are they really ready to make a big win now move? 

We think so. Let’s take a closer look at Orlando’s season. This team suffered a lot of injuries. They seemingly tanked for the end of the year as a result. At times, Orlando looked ready to take a step forward. Paolo Banchero looks like a franchise-caliber player, and we won’t be surprised if Franz Wagner makes multiple All-Star teams. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Orlando Magic Updates

So, why not acquire Mitchell? The Magic need a guard who can shoot. Granted, from that perspective, acquiring Donovan Mitchell is overkill. He’s one of the best offensive guards in the NBA. That’s the point here: the Magic would be assembling one of the best young teams in the NBA. Should the Cavaliers let them? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

There’s an obvious subtext here. The Cavaliers are trading Mitchell because he plans on eventually leading. This is an open and shut case. Of course, they need to get a substantial return.

The main draw here is the draft capital. The Cavaliers are receiving four unprotected first-round picks. They’re restocking the cupboard after sending out so many assets to acquire Mitchell in the first place. Yet, the Cavaliers could be interested in the players they’re receiving here. Granted, Isaac is a long shot – he’s likely the most injury-prone player in the NBA.

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Orlando Magic Updates

With that said, if he could turn his health around, he and Evan Mobley could be the best defensive duo in the NBA. Meanwhile, Harris is a useful rotation player that this team could use. That’s a good return for a player that everyone knows they could lose in the first place. 

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