This Jazz-Mavs Trade Features Collin Sexton

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Here at NBA Analysis, we hate injuries. 

They’re the worst part of professional sports. Nobody would deny that. Sure, losing is hard – but how satisfying is it really to win when the opposing team is missing their best player or two? 

Injuries don’t just ruin games. They can ruin careers. NBA history is littered with players who got hurt, came back, and never looked the same. 

Collin Sexton of the Utah Jazz is back from an injury this season. It would be hard to say that he’s looked the same. At the same time, he’s looked pretty good.

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There are reasons to hope that Sexton can resume what appeared to be a path to stardom. 

Whether he does so on the Jazz is a different story. Would the Dallas Mavericks be a more suitable home for Sexton?