This Nets-Pacers Trade Features Myles Turner

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In some ways, the NBA is like a soap opera. 

It’s not trying to be. This is a professional sports league. Yet, somehow, drama surrounds the league. It has protagonists and antagonists like any good narrative. 

With that said, many see the Brooklyn Nets as the league’s bad guys. This team has a cast of characters who have critics across the NBA. 

Sometimes, it looks like they’re struggling to stay together. It’s easy to imagine whether there’s enough space in the locker room for all their personalities.

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Furthermore, the Nets’ on-court performance has raised further questions about this group’s long-term future. 

The Nets could blow this core up. Alternatively, they could try to strengthen it. If they choose the latter route, here’s a deal that sends them Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.