New York Knicks Land Kevin Love In Major Trade Scenario

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There are no rules about rebuilding an NBA team. In fact, front offices have competing strategies and philosophies across the league. 

In practical terms, there are three streams of talent that teams can draw from – the draft, the trade market, and free agency. Different teams will favor different streams. Realistically, everyone is looking to exploit a market inefficiency if they can find one. 

Of course, most teams use a hybrid strategy. For example, you can build through the draft until your team looks ready to win, and then swing a big trade or sign a big free agent to complete your rebuild. That’s how the Cleveland Cavaliers have done business.

They just traded for Donovan Mitchell, officially signaling their intention to start competing for the NBA championship. 

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By contrast, the New York Knicks are unlikely to do so for some time. With that said, they do have an interesting combination of young players, tradeable contracts and draft picks. In all likelihood, the Knicks are hoping to make the big trade first, and flesh out the roster after. 

Acquiring Kevin Love, with that said, wouldn’t necessarily launch them into stardom. Could it be worth their time anyway?