New Orleans Pelicans Land Jarrett Allen In Major Trade Scenario

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In a perfect world, NBA players’ contracts would correspond perfectly with their on-court contributions. On a related note: we live in an imperfect world. 

Sometimes, a player gets paid, only to decline before the contract expires. Other times, a young player emerges and deserves a bigger contract before they’re even eligible to receive one. In any case, every NBA contract is not perfectly fair. 

For example, many would argue that Jarrett Allen is deserving of a larger salary than he’s getting.

Allen has emerged as one of the best defensive bigs in the NBA and a strong rim runner as well. At $20 million a season, he’s an absolute steal. 

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Still, he’s probably not as much of one as Herb Jones. Jones flirted with All-Defensive consideration in 2021-22. His pay was not commensurate with his production – of course, he was a rookie. 

Could the two players end up switching sides before training camp gets underway?