3 Bold Trade Scenarios Ahead Of NBA Training Camp

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The NBA’s offseason takes place during the summer, but in many ways, it’s the league’s version of spring. 

It’s a time of hope and renewal. Rebuilding teams draft the players they hope will carry them to glory in the future. Contending teams sign or trade for the stars they hope will do the same in the present.

Meanwhile, the offseason shares another similarity with spring: It’s about to get hot. 

Right now, NBA fans are already feeling the heat. The offseason is almost finished – soon, we’ll be watching the league’s stars take to the hardwood once again.

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Realistically, most of the major decisions that will impact the 2022-23 season have already been made. 

That doesn’t mean all of them are. There’s still time for teams to make drastic changes to their roster. Here are 3 bold trades we’d like to see before the start of training camp.