NBA Scout Has Bold Message To Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant

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After being swept out of the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs by the Boston Celtics, it was clear that the Brooklyn Nets had some work to do this offseason. But, they likely weren’t prepared to have to hold trade negotiations for their star player, Kevin Durant.

Durant requested a trade from the team right before the moratorium for free agency began in June. He no longer trusts the direction of the franchise and provided ownership with an ultimatum during a meeting last week.

Essentially, Durant said it is either me or general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. Things have deteriorated quickly as Nash is the head coach that Durant and Kyrie Irving helped hand pick.

But, some people believe that Durant should stick things out and give the Nets a chance. After all, they are in the position they are in in large part because of him and they have a roster that is still capable of contending should he buy-in. As one NBA scout said to NBA Analysis Network, there is a lot to like in Brooklyn.

“There’s a ton to like about the Nets with a healthy Ben Simmons. He’s had a lot of time to re-charge mentally and to get his body right. Let’s not forget, he’s a real weapon for any defense, and they can throw out some really interesting lineups with KD also being a 7-footer. … I think KD needs to consider giving this thing a real chance.”

Ben Simmons didn’t play a single game with the Nets last season after being acquired from the Philadelphia 76ers in the James Harden blockbuster. He was dealing with a back injury and improving his mental well-being and missed the whole season.

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Joe Harris was another integral piece of the rotation that missed a large chunk of the season, as he appeared in only 14 games. Getting him back healthy would help a lot and the addition of T.J. Warren has people excited as well.

“There’s a massive difference in shooting and just overall talent in the supporting cast around the Nets’ stars, too. T.J. Warren has improved a lot as a shooter over the years, and he’s great at attacking off the catch. He brings another iso-scoring threat and a guy who can attack out of half-court actions. That takes away those lineups with awkward wings that aren’t a threat offensively. Having him next to KD, Kyrie, and Simmons is a real asset. Great signing.

“Joe Harris is an absolutely lethal shooter, and he’s coming back from injury. The Nets will have Seth Curry from the start of next season this go around, too. So let’s think about that. … They could throw in lineups with their three stars and two of either Warren, Curry, or Harris. Who’s guarding that?”

There is certainly a lot to like when it comes to the Nets and how their roster is built. There is a ton of versatility and two-way performers, but even the most talented teams can be undone by poor coaching. Nash has shown very little to indicate that he would be able to lead a team, no matter how talented, to the promised land.

While we still have a few weeks until training camp gets underway and things could change between now and then, a trade centered around Durant still seems to be the likeliest outcome. Relationships seem to be frayed beyond repair, which will lead to an eventual parting of the ways.

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