This Jazz-Lakers Trade Features Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers
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Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal

If fit was the culprit for the Los Angeles Lakers’ disastrous 2021-22, this trade goes a long way towards fixing what ails them.

Mike Conley is not nearly the athlete that Russell Westbrook is. Virtually any NBA fan can tell you that. He’s also a much sharper decision-maker. Perhaps more importantly, he’s a lights-out three-point shooter.

In fact, Conley may be the blueprint for the ideal point guard to play alongside James. After all, James doesn’t need an All-World, on-ball playmaker: he is one. He needs a smart, savvy veteran who will hit the shots he creates for him, and alleviate his ball-handling duties when he’s tired.

Meanwhile, Bogdanovic further improves this team’s floor spacing. In fact, he’s one of the most consistently strong three-point shooters in the NBA.

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If Anthony Davis can enjoy some good health in 2022-23, the supporting cast around him and James should launch the Lakers back to contention following this deal. Is it worth the Jazz’s time?