This Heat-Mavericks Trade Features Duncan Robinson

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The Miami Heat are engaged in some big trade discussions. They have been mentioned as a potential landing spot for both Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell, as the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz are canvassing the NBA for the best possible trade packages.

While Miami isn’t going to get both of them, they are going to try hard to acquire at least one of the All-Stars. Pat Riley has a track record of doing whatever it takes to land superstars and until a deal is official with another team, the Heat cannot be counted out.

But, if they are unable to swing a big trade, the Heat could still look to shake up the roster a little bit. The package of Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson has been brought up a lot. While Herro likely won’t be traded unless it is in a blockbuster, the same may not be true for Robinson.

Robinson signed a five-year, $90 million deal last offseason after transforming into one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA. In the first season of that deal, he promptly had the worst 3-point shooting season of his career as a rotation player.

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37.2 percent is still a strong number, but it is the second consecutive season his percentage dropped by at least three percent. Robinson also lost his starting spot near the end of the regular season and was removed from the rotation altogether in the postseason.

While there may not be much of a trade market for him out there, one team that could be a match for the Heat is the Dallas Mavericks. What could a possible deal look like between the teams? Let’s take a look at this hypothetical trade that lands Robinson in Dallas.

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