Nets’ Kyrie Irving Reveals Thoughts About Home Ineligibility

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The Brooklyn Nets have gotten things back on track recently, as they are riding a four-game winning streak to get their record back over the .500 mark. They are comfortably inside the NBA Play-In Tournament in the Eastern Conference, so they look like they will at least have a chance to play themselves into the postseason. However, there is still plenty of work left to do.

Brooklyn is only two games ahead of the 10th place Charlotte Hornets, who would have to go on the road twice and win to qualify for the postseason. Missing the Play-In Tournament altogether is still a possibility as Brooklyn is 3.5 games behind the sixth-place Cleveland Cavaliers.

Positioning for the Nets is very important for the postseason because it will determine how much they will have Kyrie Irving in the lineup for. Irving remains without the COVID-19 vaccine and because of mandates in place is still not eligible to play full-time.

As things are currently situated, Irving would miss all of their Play-In Games because they would go on the road to face the Toronto Raptors in Game 1, where Irving is prohibited to play. If they were to lose that game, they would host whoever won the game between the 9/10 seed at Barclays Center. Despite being able to attend games at Barclays Center as a spectator, Irving is not allowed to play in them still.

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Irving recently discussed his thoughts about continuing to be a part-time player. He admits there is some awkwardness to it, but appreciates the people who are in his corner behind him.

“It’s a little awkwardness,” Irving said. “But showing up there with my family and getting a warm embrace from New York, Brooklyn, just everybody that’s there to support the Brooklyn Nets and support our organization, support me. And just support what’s going on out here and want to see a change.”

LATEST NBA NEWS: NBA Scores: Nets’ Kyrie Irving Drops 60 Points In Win vs Magic

While there are people that are hoping for changes to the mandates so that Irving can play, there has been no indication things will change. Some are pressuring Mayor Eric Adams to make an exception for Irving, but that seems unlikely.

Irving can put an end to all of this, just as other unvaccinated players such as Andrew Wiggins and Bradley Beal did, by getting the shot. But, it doesn’t sound like he has any plans of changing his stance on the vaccine.

“My faith in things turning around hasn’t changed, it hasn’t wavered,” Irving said. “But I wouldn’t be able to sit up here and talk to you guys comfortably unless I had a big supporting group behind me. And they’ve been selfless this whole time.”

LATEST NBA NEWS: NBA Scores: Nets’ Kyrie Irving Drops 60 Points In Win vs Magic

Things would certainly be easier for the Brooklyn Nets should Kyrie Irving become a full-time player once again. Alas, that doesn’t sound like something that will be occurring any time soon.

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