3 Intriguing Centers Named Potential Hornets Trade Targets

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The Charlotte Hornets have been putting together a strong 2021-22 NBA campaign. The team has posted a 23-19 record and is in the midst of a four-game winning streak.

As the NBA trade deadline approaches, the Hornets appear to be a team primed to benefit from a potential trade. One position in particular that stands out is the center spot. Mason Plumlee has been a decent stopgap option but is not equipped to anchor the defense for a unit.

In a recent article making some NBA trade deadline predictions by Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz, the Hornets were mentioned as being expected to make a deal for a center.

Among the options mentioned for the Hornets included Myles Turner, who the Indiana Pacers surely are looking to move given the latest developments. Other options mentioned Mitchell Robinson and Mo Bamba.

Myles Turner would be a perfect fit with his rim protection and floor-spacing abilities, Mitchell Robinson could look to revive his defensive potential while catching LaMelo Ball lobs, or the Hornets could try to pry Mo Bamba from the Magic.

The idea of the Hornets making a trade for Myles Turner has been a frequently mentioned one from a variety of analysts—including many of us here at NBA Analysis Network.

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The Hornets have sorely struggled to defend at a sufficient level as they rank 26th in defensive rating. Charlotte lacks the necessarily on-ball defenders to have an elite defense, but the floor of their execution as a unit could be elevated by adding a rim protector.

At times, the Hornets have tried closing games with PJ Washington at the center position. While that may bring a few intriguing options offensively, it’s quite apparent that he lacks the necessary play recognition, timing of movement, and general physical intangibles to be an answer.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Lakers, Hornets Dark-Horse Suitors For Myles Turner To Watch

The Charlotte Hornets have the foundation of something genuinely intriguing brewing with LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges long-term. Pairing them with a center like a Myles Turner (or someone else) could further accelerate the team’s path to winning while prioritizing a sustainable, long-term focus.

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