This Rockets-Sixers Trade Lands Ben Simmons In Houston

Ben Simmons, Houston Rockets
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The Philadelphia 76ers have gone months facing a situation where NBA All-Star Ben Simmons wants to be traded and hasn’t been a regular part of the team. Is there an end to this situation insight?

Simmons made a few attempts to return to the team but was kicked out of some practices and has been fined often. There was once thought he could make a return to the lineup but that sentiment waned over time. Now, he is citing mental health concerns as a reason for remaining sidelined.

We are not in a place to question the validity of mental health concerns. However, the situation has reached a holding pattern overall. The 76ers want Simmons back to restore some trade value while Simmons claims he isn’t ready to do so.

Simmons is in the first year of a four-year deal — making him an intriguing option for a rebuilding franchise that wants to add another star. Could this be of interest to the Rockets?

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The Rockets reportedly weren’t interested in landing Simmons as a potential trade chip in exchange for James Harden when the team was in the opposite position of having to move a star player of their own. Now that the team was able to tank and land Jalen Green, would their stance change?

Let’s take a look at an NBA trade scenario centered around Ben Simmons that would land the four-time NBA All-Star with the Houston Rockets — ending the Philadelphia 76ers’ need to trade him.

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