This Knicks-Lakers Trade Features Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook
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There has been no shortage of ups and downs during Russell Westbrook’s early tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers to begin the 2021-22 NBA season.

So far, Westbrook is averaging 19.0 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 8.4 assists while the Lakers hold an 8-6 record — ranking seventh in the Western Conference. His output of 0.769 points per possession ranks 62nd among the 64 players with at least 200 possessions.

Therein lies the caveat when it comes to Westbrook’s performance.

The Lakers know should anything happen to LeBron James or Anthony Davis, Westbrook is still more than capable of picking up the slack and helping the team win a game. However, the fit between the three when they are all available to play is questionable.

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But, it came with James sidelined, nursing an abdominal injury. The team has yet to find consistent success when all three of their stars are on the court together. A trade is extremely unlikely to occur, but if things don’t improve when all three are healthy, they may consider some changes.

Over at FanNation, they compiled some trade ideas involving Westbrook in the off chance the organization decides a deal has to get done. In this scenario, the Lakers make a deal with the New York Knicks.

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