This Blazers-Hawks Trade Is Focused On CJ McCollum

CJ McCollum
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The Portland Trail Blazers could be forced to make a decision very soon. We have seen Damian Lillard trade rumors were thrown around after the NBA postseason but nothing has happened just yet. All has been quiet on that front, which means the Blazers could be going in a different direction.

Portland was eliminated in the first round of the postseason once again — marking four times in the last five years that the team was unable to advance.

Continued underachieving results could cause some disgruntled feelings from players and it is why Damian Lillard found himself in NBA trade rumors. If the Trail Blazers are unable to thrive early on,

Either way, there are going to be teams interested in the backcourt members of the Blazers. This includes the Atlanta Hawks, who were able to make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals this season. Atlanta locked down their core this offseason.

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Trae Young and John Collins signed contracts that will keep them in Atlanta for the near future. This means the Hawks will have a chance to continue to complete the lineup by looking for stars to join.

This deal would be a blockbuster that could shake things up in both conferences. Let’s take a closer look and see how this trade could happen between both sides right away.