This Kings-Nuggets trade would give Denver a needed sharpshooter

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Why This Trade Would Benefit The Sacramento Kings

If a team has a disgruntled player on the roster, it would benefit them to get rid of that player sooner rather than later. The Sacramento Kings have a franchise player in De’Aaron Fox and could continue to build around him using this deal.

Gary Harris is a player who had high potential but simply didn’t receive a lot of opportunities to build on his early flashes of potential. He would bolster the backcourt with Fox for the Kings. Sacramento would also add a first-round pick and RJ Hampton, which would go a long way in continuing the rebuild of the roster.

Harris is a 36% shooter from the three-point line over the course of his career. He is not the threat that Hield is but he would give the Kings another scoring option on the perimeter while also bringing in a perimeter defender that makes a real impact.

The Sacramento Kings have a long way to go if they want to compete in the tough Western Conference. It would not do anyone good to have a player on the team who does not want to be there.