James Harden trying to ‘force’ Rockets to trade him to Nets

There has been much speculation about Houston Rockets superstar, James Harden, potentially wanting to be traded. The possibility of the Brooklyn Nets making the move to pair with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is a genuine possibility this NBA offseason.

According to Houston Chronicle’s Brian T. Smith, Harden wants to move on from the Rockets and is trying to ‘force’ his way via trade to the Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

But Harden wants to move on from the Rockets, the Chronicle has been informed, and is trying to force his way via trade to Brooklyn, allowing The Beard to form the NBA’s next superteam and rejoin forces with former Oklahoma City teammate Kevin Durant.

The Rockets went all-in throughout the height of the Golden State Warriors dynasty by making trades with 1st round picks. Houston nearly won the 2019 Western Conference Finals but lost a lead in Game 6 and went ice cold in a pivotal Game 7.

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The Los Angeles Lakers then formed a superstar duo with LeBron James and Anthony Davis— preventing the Rockets from breaking through the Western Conference. Now, with the changes Houston has undergone with Daryl Morey and Mike D’Antoni both gone, it’s difficult to envision that changing.

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With Russell Westbrook no longer want to play for the Rockets organization on top of all the other changes that have already occurred, there is little reason for Harden to stay.

The prospect of being able to form a superstar trio with the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is quite an intriguing one for James Harden. It could be a clear pathway to make a run at the NBA Finals that he has long awaited to pull of.

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