5 trades the New York Knicks should look to make this offseason

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It’s the offseason, so that means one thing — unrealistic trade and free agent rumors surrounding the New York Knicks.

It has already started with the idea of the Knicks making a blockbuster deal for Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook. This is a weak free agent class, so there is not much out there to report. Moving forward, the Knicks need to work on adding good players and developing the minimal young talent that they do have on the roster.

If nothing else, the Knicks should be more disciplined next season. Tom Thibodeau is the first real coach they have had in what feels like a lifetime. They hold the No. 8 pick in the NBA Draft where they will either be able to add another piece or trade back for some more assets.

Whatever the Knicks decide to do, they cannot afford to miss again. That is either in the draft, free agency, or the trade market.

If they go the way of the trade, here are five options they could pursue.