The best trade the Warriors could offer for Wizards’ Bradley Beal

The Golden State Warriors could justify taking a player at No. 2 overall in next month’s draft and keeping the pick. But Golden State, with its veteran stars, would prefer to acquire another star by using that pick. If Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal becomes available, the Warriors should build an offer centered around the No. 2 pick.

If Golden State sticks at No. 2, they’re guaranteed to land one of LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards or James Wiseman. But the Warriors will be back in contention next season, and a proven veteran fits much better into their plan than a 19 year-old rookie would.

The Warriors will surely examine the market to see if anyone from Ben Simmons, to Joel Embiid, to Victor Oladipo, to Beal can be had in a deal starting with the No. 2 pick.

Let’s take a look at the best offer the Warriors can currently make in an attempt to get Beal out of Washington.

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