This Clippers-Nets trade would team up Paul George with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant

The Los Angeles Clippers failed to get the job done in the NBA playoffs despite having Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. While they will look to bounce-back, the Brooklyn Nets will see the Kyrie Irving-Kevin Durant duo take the floor for the first time in 2021.

The lack of chemistry the Clippers had during the playoffs was concerning to see. It went beyond just the way Los Angeles executed on the court. Some of the key players on the team did not get along with each other and lack respect for George’s leadership.

Sometimes, what is expected to work on-paper doesn’t completely translate to on-court results. The Leonard-George duo simply no longer has the same flare many thought it would have when it was formed last summer. Could a change of scenery be what George needs?

In all likelihood, the Clippers will look to run it back with the Leonard-George duo to see if they can get the job done after establishing some continuity. However, there would be no shortage of options for Los Angeles if they were to experience a change-of-heart and look to move George.

Here is a trade package that would send Los Angeles Clippers superstar Paul George to the Brooklyn Nets.

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