Lakers: 3 Reasons Goran Dragic could be a perfect fit for L.A.

Goran Dragic, Lakers
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Goran Dragic, Miami Heat, NBA
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2. Dragic’s playmaking

Outside of LeBron James, the Lakers don’t have many players capable of creating opportunities for others. Rajon Rondo served as the second unit’s point guard for most of the 2019 season. However, Rondo only appeared in 48 games, and the offense stagnates when he’s on the floor. Rondo’s lack of outside shooting makes him a one-dimensional offensive player.

Unlike Rondo, Dragic possesses an outside shot and can drop 20 any given night. Dragic dished out 5.1 assists per game in 2019, which would’ve ranked second on the Lakers behind James’ 10.2. Rondo is a better pure passer, but he lacks Dragic’s versatility.

Davis finished third on the Lakers with 200 assists. When a power forward is one of your best distributors, chances are you need more multi-talented guards. While Alex Caruso and Quinn Cook also occasionally bring the ball up the court, neither runs offenses like Dragic.

The Lakers want Davis in position to score and rebound. While he’s skilled enough to run the point, Los Angeles benefits from Davis spending more time in the high and low posts. Meanwhile, the team can’t rely on the aging James for a jumpstart every time the offense stalls. Dragic is the perfect stabilizing on-court presence to guide L.A.’s second unit.

Los Angeles needs a player other than James or Rondo who can run the offense and create shots for teammates. Dragic fills that role, and he gives L.A. extra offensive firepower.

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