Dallas Mavericks: 3 Goals for the Upcoming 2018-19 Season


Goal 3. Show Progress in With Overall Record

For any team, the path back to contention begins by improving the most meaningful metric – their win/loss record. Since the 2015-16 season, the Mavericks have been one of the worst teams in the league. They’ve been unable to make the playoffs over the last two seasons, and have drafted in the lottery as a result. This upcoming season is the first year that the Mavericks can reasonably expect to compete for a playoff spot since the last time they qualified.

The additions of Doncic and Jordan are improvements in two problem areas for the Mavericks. The Mavericks ranked 27th in the NBA in rebounding last season, and DeAndre Jordan is an elite rebounder. His presence in the paint should allow the Mavericks to have more possessions – and more opportunities to score.

As for Doncic, he is both an accomplished scorer and playmaker that can make the Mavericks’ offense more dynamic. Doncic also brings a pedigree of success and winning to the Mavericks, a team with a lot of young players who haven’t yet experienced those things at the professional level.

Doncic won a Euroleague title and a Euroleague MVP, all before his 20th birthday. Even though he’s a rookie that will have to adjust to the NBA, he is a proven winner, and the impact of having players like that on an up and coming team cannot be understated.

The Mavericks may not be able to make the playoffs in a stacked Western Conference, but they can improve their record – and that’s the first step to sustained success.

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