Golden State Warriors O/U Win Projections for 2018-2019

Everything the Warriors do or say will be under a microscope. Every quote, reaction, and narrative will be swallowed up by the media and the depths of the social media abyss that is Twitter. This is the inevitable pressure of a championship team—more like a team gunning for a third consecutive championship. Every win will be considered as a given because the Warriors have become an all-time great team.

Recently, Bleacher Report produced an article of win projections of all 30 teams for the 2018-2019 regular season. They put Golden State as the team to finish with the best record in the league with at least 62 wins, the only team projected to finish with above 60 victories.

Here is the list of the over/under on all 30 teams with Golden State projected to finish with the highest win total during the regular season.

Barring any catastrophic injuries to Golden State’s “Hampton’s 5” lineup, they should be able to win more than 60 games, but it depends on one particular factor: complacency.

Over the past couple of seasons, Golden State has gotten complacent with the idea that they will win about 80 percent of their games because they know how great they are and that talent will ultimately win out in the NBA. The team gets prematurely bored that they will, at times, wait until the second half to turn on the jets, and eventually, obliterate their opponent.

Hopefully, DeMarcus Cousins signing a one-year contract with Golden State will help fill a motivation and complacency hole that the team has fallen into many times during the last two seasons. Although Cousins has yet to recover from his Achilles injury, just his presence around the team should help them stay motivated and potentially surpass 62 wins.

When Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their first three-peat in 1993, they won 57 games. This is five wins below Golden State’s projected win total this upcoming season. In the Bulls charge to a three-peat, they won 61, 67 and 57 games. Compare these victory totals to the Warriors first two consecutive titles in 2017 and 2018, they won 67 and 58 games. They are slightly behind Chicago’s total victories in their first two championships. However, if Golden State stays on track of the win projection total of 62 Bleacher Report predicted, they will have won one more regular season game than Chicago during their third consecutive championship stampede.

Golden State has chased Jordan’s Bulls before in 2016 and the end result was a 3-1 meme fest for the ages in the greatest collapse in the history of the NBA. However, with reinforcements in Kevin Durant and Cousins, the Warriors built the Roman Empire. They are expected to exceed their win total from last year and could possibly surpass Jordan again—but this time, have some shiny jewelry to show for it.

The win projection I have for Golden State barring any season-changing injury or much complacency: 66 wins.

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