Minnesota Timberwolves: 3 Goals for Andrew Wiggins for Next Season

Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota Timberwolves, NBA
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No. 1 – Take Fewer Pull-Up Jumpers

Wiggins possesses elite athleticism that few other NBA players can match.

Plays like these make his proclivity for pull-up jumpers all the more frustrating.

In 2017-18, Wiggins took 15.9 shots per game. Thirty-eight percent of his total shots (5.7 per game) were of the pull-up variety. He made only 32.3 percent (!!!) of these shots last season and has never made more than 37.1 percent. His percentage for pull-up three-pointers was even lower: 26 percent on 0.9 attempts per game.

Reminder: he took over 450 pull-up shots last year while shooting so poorly. Not great.

Wiggins routinely drives past the initial defender before pulling up for tough, contested jumpers. With his vaunted athleticism, he should skip some of the pull-ups and attack the basket more often.


Reduce the 38 percent pull-up rate to a figure below 30 percent.

Wiggins, despite his flaws, positively impacts the game in certain areas. He made 69.5 percent on shots within three feet of the rim (22.9 percent of total shots). On 3.1 catch-and-shoot three-point attempts per game, Wiggins made 34.9 percent.

That 34.9 percent figure is slightly below the league average three-point percentage of 36.2 percent. However, his catch-and-shoot numbers are significantly better than the results of his pull-up attempts.

Using the numerical decrease in pull-up shots, take more catch-and-shoot threes and more shots at the rim. This follows the Daryl Morey-Houston Rockets model, and it makes Wiggins a much more efficient scorer.

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