Skip Bayless Takes Bizarre New Shot At LeBron James

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics during Monday’s NBA playoff action, 103-97, in front of a sold-out crowd that included a familiar face: LeBron James.

James, the Cavaliers legend and Ohio native, was in attendance to support his hometown team, but his presence sparked controversy when commentator Skip Bayless suggested he had an ulterior motive.

Bayless took to Twitter to share his opinion, writing: “Did I see LeBron at the Cavs game in Cleveland? Brilliant! He shows up on the night the Cavs are without their two best players, making sure he doesn’t risk a big Cavs win and fans yelling (or at least thinking), ‘We don’t miss you.'”

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: LeBron James, Skip Bayless, Cleveland Cavaliers Updates

Bayless implied that James chose to attend a game where the Cavaliers were likely to lose, without star players Jarrett Allen and Donovan Mitchell, to boost his ego and bask in the appreciation of the fans.

However, Bayless’ comments were met with widespread criticism online, with many fans dismissing his theory and stating that James was simply there to show his love for the team.

Despite playing for different teams, Ohio remains James’ home, and the Cavaliers hold a special place in his heart. The crowd’s reaction to his presence suggests that they will always cherish James, regardless of the jersey he wears.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: LeBron James, Skip Bayless, Cleveland Cavaliers Updates

In all likelihood, James was indeed just there to be a fan, and Bayless’ claims were unfounded.

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