NBA Reporter Reveals The Lakers’ Biggest Issue This Year

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In spite of a determined effort against the reigning champions, the Los Angeles Lakers succumbed to defeat in their opening-round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets.

While the Lakers entered the playoffs with some momentum, they found themselves consistently thwarted by the Nuggets throughout the series.

Following their loss, both fans and analysts engaged in reflection on the Lakers’ season, seeking to identify the factors that contributed to their downfall.

During an appearance on “Speak” on FS1, Ric Bucher pinpointed what he perceived as the team’s most significant weakness.

“The Lakers’ greatest issue is that they were relying on a 39-year-old LeBron James to be their closer,” Bucher emphasized.

Bucher suggested that the Lakers leaned too heavily on James, who, despite his commendable performance throughout the series, couldn’t single-handedly carry the team to victory.

In today’s NBA, the era of relying solely on one player is increasingly obsolete, given the depth present on rosters across the league.

The Lakers’ encounter with the Nuggets underscored this reality, leaving the team now relegated to home, preparing for the forthcoming 2024-2025 season.

Speculation is rife that James may opt to part ways with the Lakers in the upcoming season, particularly in light of their premature playoff exit.

Such a move would not only create a buzz across the league, with numerous teams vying for the opportunity to acquire a player of James’ caliber, but it could also pose significant challenges for the Lakers as they endeavor to rebuild their roster.

What lies ahead for the Lakers, one of the NBA’s most storied franchises?

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