John Wall Pushed Wizards to Draft Klay Thompson in 2010

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John Wall, the first overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, recently revealed a pivotal moment in NBA history that could have significantly altered the trajectory of the Washington Wizards and the Golden State Warriors.

Wall disclosed that he had advocated for the Wizards’ brass to select Klay Thompson in the 2011 NBA Draft, a decision that could have prevented Thompson from becoming a Warriors’ icon and a four-time NBA champion.

During a look back at what might have been, Wall recounted his experiences witnessing Thompson’s exceptional pre-draft workout with the Wizards. Having played alongside Thompson during this session, Wall was impressed by Thompson’s remarkable shooting ability.

“Yeah, I think we should have for sure took [Thompson],” Wall reflected. “A sharpshooter, you know. He can shoot the ball like that.”

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: John Wall, Washington Wizards, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors Updates

Wall further highlighted Thompson’s extraordinary performance during the workout, noting that Thompson missed only “probably one or two shots,” which led him to recognize Thompson’s special talent early on.

By the time Wall had joined the NBA, his dynamic talent as a premier passer and facilitator was already known. Following Wall, the Wizards welcomed Bradley Beal in 2012, creating a dynamic duo alongside Jan Veselý, the team’s sixth overall pick in 2011.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: John Wall, Washington Wizards, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors Updates

Wall believes that adding Thompson to this mix would have elevated the Wizards’ gameplay, especially considering Thompson’s defensive impact in addition to his shooting ability.

“That was 2011,” Wall elaborated. “Because then, Klay was a great defender at that time, too. He was a great defender, so he probably would have played the three for us, Bradley two. And then you had me, Nenê and [Marcin Gortat]. Like, it would have been amazing with the pick-and-roll we had.”

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: John Wall, Washington Wizards, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors Updates

The potential of a Wall, Thompson, and Beal trio ignites the imagination of what could have been a remarkable chapter in NBA history. However, the Wizards opted for a different path, leaving Wall to ponder the reasons behind their decision.

“They [Wizards] be having their reasons,” Wall concluded. “I didn’t say it was good, OG. But I just say they got their reasons.”

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