Houston Rockets Player To Undergo Season-Ending Leg Surgery

Tari Eason, Houston Rockets, NBA News
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets forward Tari Eason‘s 2023-24 NBA season is coming to an untimely end, as he is slated for season-ending surgery on his left leg this Monday, announced by coach Ime Udoka. The announcement was made on Saturday night, casting a shadow over the Rockets’ lineup.

Since January 1, Eason has been sidelined and has participated in 22 games on the season. His absence has been due to a benign growth on his left shin bone, which has significantly impacted his ability to play.

“He had obviously been going through some things through the year and had a benign growth on the shin bone, the tibia I think,” Udoka said. “Took that blow early in the season. Flared up. He played through it with some pain. Never had a chance of fracturing. It was a pain tolerance thing. Once the pain got too high, he shut it down.”

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Tari Eason, Houston Rockets Updates

According to Udoka, this growth is not a new development but a preexisting condition Eason has managed “for a while.” The Rockets initially hoped that rest and rehabilitation would suffice for Eason’s recovery. Unfortunately, attempts to ramp up his activity consistently resulted in the return of pain, leading to the decision that surgery was the most viable option for Eason’s health and career.

“We thought rest and rehab, he could get over it that way, but every time he ramped up, the pain came right back,” Udoka explained. “After seeing all the specialists and decision-makers, came to the decision that it’s best to have surgery Monday.”

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Tari Eason, Houston Rockets Updates

The surgery will involve a bone graft on the shin, after which Eason is expected to be out of action for four months. Despite his limited play this season, Eason’s performance on the court had been noteworthy. Eason showed promise during his rookie season, averaging 9.3 points, 6 rebounds, and 1.2 steals per game.

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