3 NBA Offseason Suitors To Monitor For Clippers’ Paul George

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In today’s NBA, star players don’t hit free agency as often as they used to. That’s because players are more inclined to sign extensions and request trades down the road. In the player empowerment era, every player has some freedom of agency. 

This summer, there may be an exception to that rule. Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers could hit free agency. He remains one of the best two-way wings in basketball. If George is a free agent, he’ll have a robust market. 

He may not even get there. George has a player option – he may prefer to stay in Los Angeles. If he does hit the open market, here are three teams we think should look at him. 

Philadelphia 76ers

George will command a hefty contract. A team would need cap space to sign him. Luckily, the Philadelphia 76ers project to have a lot of cap space this summer. 

They’d surely like to add George. He could be the missing piece that leads this team to championship glory. The Sixers have their first offensive option in Joel Embiid and their lead guard in Tyrese Maxey. All they’re missing is an elite two-way wing. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers Updates

George would be perfect – if the Sixers need him. If this team wins a title or even makes a deep playoff run, they may prefer to use their cap space differently. Is there another team who could be interested in George? 

Indiana Pacers 

This would be a feel-good story. George started his career with the Indiana Pacers. He broke out into stardom as a Pacer. Why not reunite with them? 

Meanwhile, the Pacers would likely be interested. This team acquired Pascal Siakam in 2023-24. The Pacers have signaled a clear intention to start competing for the NBA title as soon as possible. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers, Indiana Pacers Updates

With that said, acquiring George won’t be easy. Unlike the Sixers, the Pacers would have to move some pieces around to make room for George. Is there a team with an easier route to landing him? 

Oklahoma City Thunder 

Once again, we’ve got George reuniting with a former team. This time, reuniting will be a bit easier. The Oklahoma City Thunder will have some cap room to play with this summer. 

Why not spend it in George? He’s the type of player who compliments any team. George’s portable skillset would make the Thunder a much more dangerous team. If they land him, the rest of the league should be deeply concerned. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder Updates

Sure, George could push the Pacers towards title contention. The Thunder are already title contenders. If they land George in free agency, they may be title favorites. In today’s NBA, that’s a rare opportunity. 

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