Warriors’ Stephen Curry Addresses NBA Retirement Plans

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, NBA Rumors
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry, who will celebrate his 36th birthday in three weeks, is far from considering hanging up his basketball shoes. Following the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, the Golden State Warriors superstar expressed his determination to keep playing for the foreseeable future.

“I think about it all the time. But, those thoughts stop because you gotta get ready for the next game,” Curry told reporters. “There’s a routine and cycle. You embrace the now. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you wake up, and whatever your body is telling you, or if your mind is telling you, it’s time. But I don’t think I’m anywhere close to that.”

In his 10th All-Star appearance, Curry contributed 16 points and eight assists. Over the weekend, several basketball legends gathered in Indianapolis, each reflecting on their sports futures.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Updates

By approaching his 40th birthday later this year, LeBron James acknowledged his uncertain timeline in the NBA. Curry, alongside James and Kevin Durant, represents the enduring icons of their basketball era, continuing to shine despite advancing years. While other seasoned players like Chris Paul, Al Horford, and Kyle Lowry are still in the game, it’s specifically these three who have successfully defied age.

Curry’s legendary shooting ability seems timeless, suggesting he could remain in the NBA into his 40s. Durant has even speculated about all three playing into their 40s.

NBA NEWS & RUMORS: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors Updates

Curry’s hallmark, however, is his agility and swift shot-making. It’s anticipated he’ll retire once those abilities diminish. For now, it’s best to cherish Curry’s excellence while it lasts.

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