Kevin Durant Doesn’t Hold Back On Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Warriors, Kings
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On Saturday night, Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant found himself transported back to his days alongside Stephen Curry as they clashed on the court. Curry’s game-winning three-pointer secured a 113-112 victory for the Golden State Warriors over Durant’s Suns, prompting reminiscence and praise from the former teammate.

In the post-game analysis, Durant couldn’t help but commend Curry, elevating him to the status of the greatest point guard in NBA history and one of the top five players to ever grace the hardwood.

“All-time greatest at his position. Top five in the world… I mean top-five ever.”

During the critical final moments of the game, Curry faced a relentless defensive effort, yet managed to create just enough space to sink a clutch turnaround three-pointer with a mere 0.7 seconds remaining. Durant attributed Curry’s success to his ability to exploit defensive lapses on his opponent’s part.

“You give him a look like that at the end of the game and he’s probably licking his chops.”

Kevin Durant’s sentiments echo a growing sentiment within the basketball community, with many asserting that Curry has eclipsed Magic Johnson as the premier point guard of all time.

Despite not fitting the traditional mold of a floor general, Curry himself has embraced the title of G.O.A.T. in discussions, as highlighted in a conversation with Gilbert Arenas last summer.

However, Johnson has been quick to remind observers of his five NBA championships, outpacing Curry’s current tally of four.

“OK, so, if he [Curry] got more than five championships, if he got more than three Finals MVPs, and three league MVPs, then he’s the greatest,” Johnson said.

While Stephen Curry aims to secure his fifth championship in the upcoming months, the odds seem somewhat stacked against him.

The Warriors, currently seeded 10th, face an uphill battle, with numerous Western Conference rivals considered more likely contenders for the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June.

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