3 NBA Teams Desperately Needing Trade Deadline Moves

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For NBA fans, this is one of the most exciting times of the year. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Soon enough, we’ll see a flurry of moves that will alter the league’s landscape. 

As it stands, this is a buyer’s market. There are only so many teams left with a surplus of draft capital. Most of the league’s contenders have already spent the assets they needed to get to where they are. 

So, it might be a quiet deadline. That doesn’t mean we won’t see deals. Surveying the league’s landscape, we see a few teams that should be desperate to make a move. Here are three of them. 

Chicago Bulls

We thought we’d start with the obvious. Sure, the Bulls have been a bit better lately. They’re in the playoff hunt. Should having risen to the ninth seed motivate the Bulls to hold at the deadline? 

We don’t think so. The Bulls are roughly in the same place that they were in last year – they’re mediocre. It’s time for this team to rebuild. 

At the deadline, we’ll see if the front office agrees. It’s worth noting that Zach LaVine’s trade value is supposedly quite low at the moment.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors Updates

Still, even if the Bulls feel like they’re not getting enough value for their guys, they might as well make a win-now trade. Standing pat shouldn’t be an option – and it shouldn’t be for this next team, either. 

Atlanta Hawks 

The Bulls are the Eastern Conference’s ninth seed as it stands. The Hawks are one spot below them. With that said, their record is considerably worse. 

Their books are also messier. The Hawks are expensive, and they’re not delivering on expectations. This organization needs to sell at the deadline. Arguably, they need to do that more badly than the Bulls do. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors Updates

The rumors seem to suggest that the front office agrees. Dejounte Murray has been in rumors for most of the season. Even if he remains on the Hawks, the team has to do something – and so does the next team in this article. 

Golden State Warriors 

The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks feel like obvious sellers. The Golden State Warriors’ path forward is next clear. After all, those two teams are trying to salvage a false start.

The Warriors are trying to salvage a dynasty. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should be buyers. The dynasty may be over. Their team is expensive, and their core is aging out of their effectiveness. If the Warriors want to sell and start rebuilding, that would be reasonable. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors Updates

All we know is that the Warriors have to do something. Steph Curry is still performing at a high level. The Warriors have the young players and draft capital to make a move for a star. No matter what they choose, they’re a team to keep an eye on as the deadline approaches. 

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