Knicks Land Wizards’ Daniel Gafford In Bold Trade Proposal

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It’s trade season in the NBA. The deadline will be here before we know it. With that said, some teams got started early. The New York Knicks acquired OG Anunoby from the Toronto Raptors.

Yet, the Knicks may not be finished. This was an exciting deal. The Knicks sent two young players for Anuboby, including RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley. Otherwise, they hung onto their assets. The Knicks could make another significant trade.

Logically, that also means that they could make a minor trade. The Knicks have had a strong season – they don’t need to rock the boat. They could make a play for a valuable role player.

How about Daniel Gafford of the Washington Wizards?

NBA Trade Proposal: New York Knicks Land Washington Wizards’ Daniel Gafford

Washington Wizards Receive: G/F Evan Fournier, 2024 Second Round Pick (UTA or CLE via NYK), 2025 Second-Round Pick (BKN via NYK), 2027 Second-Round Pick (NYK)

New York Knick Receive: C Daniel Gafford, G Delon Wright 

Part of an NBA general manager’s job is knowing when to make a trade. Selling high can be difficult – if a player’s value is high, it likely means they’re playing well.

The trick is to have the foresight to recognize that his play isn’t going to elevate your team to where you want it. The Wizards lacked that foresight with Bradley Beal. They waited too long to move him.

As a result, they didn’t get the return they could have. Still, give them credit for eventually recognizing that it was time to move on. Did the Raptors wait too long to move Anuboby? We’re not sure.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards, New York Knicks Updates

It’s been rumored that they declined offers featuring multiple first-round picks. If Barrett or Quickley break out, they won’t regret the trade – but it’s safe to say that the Knicks won’t either.

Could they regret this one?

Why The New York Knicks Do The Deal

It feels unlikely. Fournier isn’t even in New York’s rotation. A trio of second-round picks is something, but it’s a small price to pay to improve your team.

All New York is doing here is replacing pieces that they already had. Gafford is a suitable replacement for the injured Mitchell Robinson.

When Robinson returns, the Knicks will likely look to move Gafford in the summer. That will be easy. Gafford is a productive young player on a team-friendly contract.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards, New York Knicks Updates

Meanwhile, Wright can replace Quickley. That’s an imperfect replacement – Quickley is a more dynamic shot creator. Still, Wright offers similar defensive value and a steady playmaking hand.

Should the Wizards part with him?

Why The Washington Wizards Do The Deal

The Wizards should have no qualms about reading Gafford or Wright. Sure, Gafford is young. Still, Washington needs assets. The only player on this roster they should be hesitant to move is Bilal Coulibaly.

Is this enough for Gafford? That’s a difficult question. If the Wizards can find a first-round pick for him, they should take it. With that said, Gafford is a fringe starter. Teams may prefer to seek his replicable skill set elsewhere before giving him premium assets.

So, a trio of second-rounders ought to do. Washington is already one of the worst teams in the league – they don’t need to worry about a downgrade.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Daniel Gafford, Washington Wizards, New York Knicks Updates

Moreover, they should be happy to take on Fournier’s expiring contract. He’s a player who will almost certainly be on the move as the trade deadline approaches.

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