Pistons Tie NBA Record With 26th Straight Loss, Falling To Nets

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The Detroit Pistons are enduring one of the most challenging periods in NBA history, equalling the league’s record for the longest single-season losing streak with their 26th consecutive defeat, a 126-115 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Under first-year coach Monty Williams, the team is grappling with a demoralizing skid that matches those of the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers. Detroit’s last win dates back to Oct. 28, and the current record for consecutive losses stands at 28, set by the 76ers across two seasons.

Pistons center Isaiah Stewart expressed the difficulty of the situation, noting it’s unprecedented for the players in their professional careers. The team now holds a 2-27 record and faces the Nets again in an upcoming game, providing an opportunity to avoid the longest losing streak in NBA history.

“None of us went through this, ever,” Stewart said. “This is the hardest thing probably all of us went through, especially being in the pros.”

Cade Cunningham emphasized the need for a concrete plan to break the losing cycle, as mere optimism hasn’t been enough.

“Everybody wants to win, everybody hates losing, so it’s hard,” Cunningham said. “We’ve got to be realistic as well. Can’t just keep saying the same things over and over, like we’ll get the next one. There has to be like a plan of action, so we’re just trying to figure that out.”

NBA NEWS & SCORES: Cade Cunningham, Monty Williams, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

Meanwhile, the Nets found a rhythm against the struggling Pistons, with Mikal Bridges leading the way with 29 points, complemented by seven assists and six rebounds. Brooklyn’s balanced scoring effort, including 20 points from Cam Thomas, helped them snap their five-game losing streak.

The Nets capitalized on Detroit’s turnovers, converting 14 Pistons’ errors into 22 points. Williams, despite acknowledging the team’s tough breaks, refused to attribute their struggles solely to bad luck.

“We had a lot of tough breaks this year, but I try not to look at life that way. It just happens,” he said. “When you turn it over 14 times you don’t expect 22 points, but it happens. Those live turnovers, they’re basketball death for possessions and we’ve had a lot of those this year.”

NBA NEWS & SCORES: Cade Cunningham, Monty Williams, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

A pivotal moment in the game came in the third quarter when the Pistons, who were close to catching up, saw the Nets extend their lead with quick scoring. Jaden Ivey scored 23 points and Cunningham added 22 for Detroit, but the young team’s inexperience showed. They lead the league in fouls per game and rank near the bottom in turnovers.

Williams, the former NBA Coach of the Year with Phoenix, took responsibility for the team’s performance, highlighting the challenges of working with one of the league’s youngest rosters. Former Williams’ player and current Nets forward Cam Johnson offered encouragement, suggesting that the Pistons’ current struggles could be a necessary step towards future success.

“I told them, some of the young guys on the team after the game, that sometimes you got to lose before you can win, sometimes you got to fall before you crawl, walk before you can run,” Johnson said.

NBA NEWS & SCORES: Cade Cunningham, Monty Williams, Detroit Pistons, Brooklyn Nets Updates

The Pistons had a promising start to the game but quickly lost momentum due to turnovers. Despite playing better in the second quarter, they couldn’t significantly reduce the Nets’ lead, trailing by nine points at halftime. The team now looks ahead to their next challenge as they aim to break the losing streak.

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