Mavericks Trade For Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan In Bold Proposal

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As a general rule, there are two types of stars in the NBA. You’ve got stars that create shots and stars that make plays. If a player does both, they’re probably a superstar. For example, take Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. 

Doncic is one of the most prolific playmakers in the NBA. Yet, he’s also an absurdly talented shot creator. Meanwhile, his co-star Kyrie Irving is no slouch in either department either. With this star duo, the Mavericks have had one of the most dynamic offenses in the NBA so far. 

Yet, this roster feels somewhat incomplete. How should the Mavericks round out the group around Doncic and Irving? Should they add more role players or go all-in on creation?

If they chose the latter route, could they acquire DeMar DeRozan from the Chicago Bulls? 

NBA Trade Proposal — Dallas Mavericks Land DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors
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Chicago Bulls Receive: C Richaun Holmes, F/C Maxi Kleber, G Jaden Hardy, 2027 First-Round Pick (Top 5 Protected – DAL) 

Dallas Mavericks Receive: G/F DeMar DeRozan 

Every contending team needs creation. That’s the bottom line. To compete for the NBA title, you need one of the best offensive players in the NBA. Yet, that’s not all that you need. A contending team needs elite role players around those stars, too. 

Is that why the Chicago Bulls have fallen short? This team acquired plenty of star talent. With Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and DeRozan on the roster, they’ve accumulated a lot of firepower.

With that said, outside of Alex Caruso, they haven’t necessarily put the right role players around them. Sure.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

On the other hand, none of the players in that trio are among the very most talented creators in the NBA, either. They’re all dynamic and talented – we’re talking about a very high bar. Either way, the Bulls have been disappointing.

Should they send DeRozan to the Mavericks?

Why The Chicago Bulls Do The Deal 

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We’re not sure where the Bulls go next. They could rebuild. Alternatively, they could go for a shorter-term retooling process around LaVine. Either way, DeRozan feels like the odd man out.

He’s due for an extension next summer, and apparently, he and the Mavericks are far apart in negotiations. With all of that in mind, DeRozan won’t net a superstar return.

Aside from his pending extension, DeRozan is aging, a defensive liability, and not much of a floor spacer. With that in mind, the Bulls would be happy to land a lightly protected first for him. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

They should be happy to add Hardy as well. He’s got star potential. If he hits his ceiling, he’ll be the type of guard who can create offense from scratch in his own right. Should the Mavericks really part with him? 

Why The Dallas Mavericks Do The Deal 

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Hardy may have star potential. He isn’t likely to reach it in Dallas. Doncic and Irving will be this team’s starting backcourt for years. There’s no room for Hardy to assume a role that’s larger than sixth man. The Mavericks shouldn’t mind parting with him. 

Whether they should move him for DeRozan is a different story. This is not necessarily an optimal fit. We’ve already outlined DeRozan’s shortcomings. Are we sure about this? 

Well, Dallas won’t get a more talented player than DeRozan for this price. We’ll say that with confidence. If they can stagger his minutes with Doncic as much as possible, this can work – DeRozan is a tidy fit alongside Doncic.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

In the end, this should make the Mavericks a more dynamic offensive team. In simple terms, it will give them more ways to create offense. 

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