Mavericks Trade For Bulls’ Patrick Williams In New Proposal

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In the modern NBA, a contending team typically seeks quality defensive wings. These players are multipliers. They don’t overlap -the more of them that you have, the better you’ll be.

As long as they can shoot, three or four stout defensive wings can co-exist on the same team playing at interchangeable positions. Apparently, the Dallas Mavericks didn’t get the memo. This team has plenty of talent. The Mavericks are obviously title contenders.

You don’t roster Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving without aspiring to win it all. Yet, this team is woefully short on defensive wings. Yes, the Mavericks signed Grant Williams this summer.

That was a good start, but they need more. Josh Green’s inconsistent shooter has made him a questionable option for a contending team.

Could they package him in a deal that lands them Patrick Williams of the Chicago Bulls? 

NBA Trade Proposal — Dallas Mavericks Land Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors
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Chicago Bulls Receive: G/F Josh Green, C Dwight Powell, 2027 First-Round Pick (Lottery Protected – DAL) 

Dallas Mavericks Receive: F Patrick Williams

Yet, a team’s wing rotation isn’t its primary defining feature. That would be its top-end talent. It doesn’t matter how many defensive wings you’ve got on your roster. If your stars aren’t among the league’s best players, you’re not likely to get very far. 

On that front, the Mavericks are set. Doncic is one of the best players in the NBA. Irving isn’t far behind. Moreover, there’s synergy between the pair.

Doncic is an elite playmaker, and Irving is an elite shot-creator. Dallas could stand to round out the roster around this duo, but they’ve got the most important bases covered. 

NBA TRADES & RUMORS: Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

Unfortunately, the Bulls do not. There are plenty of explanations as to why the Bulls fell short of expectation season. Let’s use the simplest one. Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic are all great players, but none are All-NBA caliber.

With that in mind, some have suggested that Chicago should rebuild. Does this deal get them off to a good start? 

Why The Chicago Bulls Do This Deal 

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Some Bulls fans won’t like our logic here. Sure, the team should rebuild – but why trade Williams? He’s young enough to be part of a rebuild, and he’s the best player in this deal. What gives? 

Well, it’s true that Williams is good. That’s why he’s likely to land a substantial contract last season. If the Bulls are rebuilding, they may not want to give it to him.

Williams is a good player, but he’s more of a ceiling raiser than a floor raiser. If Chicago doesn’t have their franchise player, his utility is limited. So, the Bulls are dealing him here.

NBA TRADES & RUMORS: Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

Green is due for an extension this summer, but it won’t be as lucrative as Williams’. Throw in a lottery protected first, and it could be time for Chicago to move on from Williams.

Should the Mavericks want him? 

Why The Dallas Mavericks Do This Deal 

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Of course, any team that’s acquiring Williams would have to pay him as well. Dallas can likely afford him, but barely. After the ink dries, the Mavericks won’t have much cap space remaining moving forward. They may even need to trade Tim Hardaway Jr. to make sure they’ve got the cap space. 

That’s fine. What should Dallas spend their money on? This team is set for offensive superstars. Sure, they could seek a stronger third offensive option.

Alternatively, they could just divide most of their offense usage between their two-star guards and surround them with elite defenders. That’s what they’re doing here. Suddenly, the Mavericks would have a strong duo of defensive wings between Williams and Williams.

NBA TRADES & RUMORS: Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks Updates

If Derrick Lively III can reach his ceiling soon, Dallas could actually build an outstanding defense. After all, you can’t have too many defensive wings. 

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