Heat Trade For Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell In Blockbuster Proposal

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Have you ever played Broken Telephone? It’s a popular childhood game. Basically, you sit in a circle and repeat a phrase in a whisper to the person next to you. In the end, the phrase typically has become distorted. Often. that’s how NBA trade rumors work as well. 

Whatever you hear may not be the original version of the rumor. You’re hearing it from someone, who heard it from someone, who heard it from someone else. Yet, that didn’t seem to be the case with Damian Lillard and the Miami Heat during this offseason. The messaging was too consistent: Lillard wants to join the Heat. In the end, he’d be sent to the Milwaukee Bucks anyway. 

What about the rumors surrounding Donovan Mitchell and the Cleveland Cavaliers? This could be a game of broken telephone. It’s been suggested that Mitchell isn’t interested in signing an extension with the Cavaliers. Still, it’s entirely possible that Mitchell is merely waiting to see how his team looks this season. If they disappoint, could they send him to the Heat? 

The Trade Proposal 

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G Tyler Herro, G/F Caleb Martin, 2027 First-Round Pick (MIA), 2029 First-Round Pick (MIA) 
Miami Heat Receive: G Donovan Mitchell 

Yet, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard trade rumors about Mitchell. Last time, they proved to be true. When he was on the Utah Jazz, it was suggested that he wanted to leave for some time. Eventually, the Jazz would send him on his way. That’s how he ended up on the Cavaliers. 

It’s the reason why Mitchell allegedly wanted to leave Utah that should concern the Cavs. Apparently, he wanted to play in a bigger market. That’s why it was a surprise when the Cavaliers acquired him. Sure, they play in a bigger market than Utah, but the point holds: Cleveland isn’t exactly a glamor market. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Miami Heat Updates

On the other hand, Mitchell has never publicly said that he wants to play in a big market. That’s where that broken telephone comes into play. It’s possible that Mitchell simply didn’t like Utah. It’s also possible that he’ll be content in Cleveland if the Cavaliers are performing well. Should they really move him? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

Not if he doesn’t want to go. The Cavaliers are losing the best player in this trade. They shouldn’t do it unless their hand is forced. With that said, if it is forced, this is a good return for Mitchell. 

Largely, that’s because Herro makes up a large portion of his production. He’s a little more prone to inefficiency, but he’s functionally similar. Herro is a guard who can create his own offense just like Mitchell. Yet, the Cavaliers are still parting with the best player in this trade. That’s why they’re getting more than just a replacement for Mitchell. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Miami Heat Updates

In fact, Martin is a great addition to this roster. The Cavaliers have been light on wings – he’d likely be their starting 3. Throw in a pair of unprotected first-round picks, and this deal softens the blow of losing Mitchell. Should the Heat give up so much for him? 

Why The Miami Heat Do The Deal 

The Heat may be reluctant to give up this type of value for Mitchell. Fair. If they are, they aren’t likely to acquire him at all. That’s how Miami missed out on Lillard. They were apprehensive about giving up the necessary value, and as a result, they took themselves out of the market. 

If Mitchell becomes available, they shouldn’t make the same mistake. Sure, Herro is a talented shot creator. Mitchell is one of the best offensive guards in the NBA. He can hit extremely difficult shots and also set up teammates. This is the type of lead guard that Miami was missing during their Finals run last season. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers & Miami Heat Updates

Finally, if Mitchell is fussy about his market, he should be happy in Miami. This is one of the premier destinations for star talent in the NBA. If Mitchell is available, this should be a perfect match. Of course, his availability could be no more than a baseless rumor at the end of the day. 

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