NBA Analyst Predicts 76ers’ Joel Embiid Will Demand Trade Next

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The Eastern Conference will look a lot different now, with Damian Lillard landing in Milwaukee after a blockbuster trade. The Philadelphia 76ers are looking at the changes and must react to keep up. That is why one NBA analyst predicts that 76ers’ Joel Embiid will be next to demand a trade.

Stephen A. Smith said on his show that he believes “Philly is in a world of trouble.” He adds that they might feel like an “inferior team to the Bucks and Celtics who added Porzingis in the off-season.” Due to the facts, Smith says that Embiid “might demand to be traded after this.”

A couple of months ago Embiid made comments about possibly winning a championship elsewhere. That should be concerning for the 76ers because of what recently has happened with the Bucks getting a lot better. Therefore, what Smith said can be closer to happening if Philadelphia does not act soon.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Joel Embiid & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

What makes matters worse is that James Harden has also asked to be traded. Nothing has changed as of late, but that would make things difficult if both superstar players for the 76ers decide to leave.

There are talks about the 76ers being interested in Jrue Holiday. Holiday was sent to the Blazers in the Lillard trade, and Portland is rumored to be moving him. That can help Embiid stay interested in competing with Philadelphia. He has three years left in his contract, but he might be out before it is up.

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Joel Embiid & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

Embiid is a reigning MVP many teams would go after if he demands a trade. The skilled big man has averaged 27.2 points and 11.2 rebounds for his career. He can be a missing piece for a team looking to win a championship, which would pique his interest.

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