Lakers Trade For Spurs’ Reggie Bullock In New Bold Proposal

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LeBron James is one of the best players in NBA history. When a player has a well-established blueprint for building around, you know they’re one of the greats. Everybody knows what types of players typically thrive alongside James. 

Really, there’s only one criterion: off-ball value. Typically, we’re talking about knockdown shooters. Plenty of shooting specialists have gotten paid by simply lining the perimeter and waiting for a perfect pocket pass from James. With that said, big men who can finish inside are also suitable partners for the all-time great playmaker. 

Do the Los Angeles Lakers have enough supporting players around James? Time will tell. If the Lakers are struggling to meet expectations leading up to the deadline, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they went out and acquired one more quality role player. How about Reggie Bullock of the San Antonio Spurs? 

The Trade Proposal 

San Antonio Spurs Receive: F Taurean Prince, G/F Cam Reddish, G/F Max Christie 
Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G/F Reggie Bullock 

When James was entering the NBA, this was the expectation. He was supposed to be one of the best players in NBA history. Still, give him credit for living up to those lofty expectations. Every player isn’t able to do that so easily. 

The Spurs will be hoping that Wembanyama is able to meet his sky-high expectations. This is the most anticipated NBA prospect since – you guessed it – James himself. Wembanyama can’t be a regular All-Star. That would be a disappointment. He needs to be in perennial MVP conversations in order to make good on his promise. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Reggie Bullock, San Antonio Spurs & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Is that a realistic goal? We think so. Wembanyama has a physical profile like few players we’ve ever seen. His blend of size and skill ought to be unmatched. This is a young player who’s set up for success. Does this deal help the Spurs set him up more nicely? 

Why The San Antonio Spurs Do The Deal 

Having secured Wembanyama, the Spurs could justify a number of decisions. This team could accelerate their rebuild. With that said, it may be ill-advised. The Spurs aren’t likely to win many games during Wembanyama’s rookie year. Why not mine the 2024 lottery for his co-star? 

Of course, the Spurs may not need help doing that. This mostly young roster is primed to lose games whether they move Bullock or not. Still, securing those top lottery odds doesn’t hurt. Often, the best way to do that is to flip a useful veteran for some young players. That’s what the Spurs are doing here. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Reggie Bullock, San Antonio Spurs & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

In all likelihood, they’d have the most interest in Christie. He’s flashed potential as a 3-and-D guard during his time with the Lakers. Still, taking on Reddish as a reclamation project doesn’t hurt either. Should the Lakers give those guys up? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

The Lakers are going to want to monitor two players before making this deal: Prince and Bullock. This deal could be a waste of their time. The two forwards are comparable players. If Prince is shooting a high percentage from deep throughout the year, the Lakers may not want to flip him for Bullock. 

Let’s assume that he isn’t. If Bullock is outperforming Prince by the deadline, this deal makes sense for the Lakers. After all, this team is unlikely to lean on either Christie or Reddish next year. The Lakers are in win-now mode. They need the best veterans they can find to put alongside James and Anthony Davis. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Reggie Bullock, San Antonio Spurs & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

Bullock fits the bill. He’s a pure 3-and-D wing. Bullock doesn’t offer much else, but with James and Davis on the roster, he doesn’t need to. This is exactly the type of player that tends to thrive alongside James. By now, we’ve all got the blueprint. 

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