Raptors Trade For Celtics’ Malcolm Brogdon In New Bold Proposal

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Every team in the NBA needs a balanced roster. If they have too many players in one area and not enough in another, they may make a trade. If they lose a key player, they may look to replace them. 

The Toronto Raptors have an unbalanced roster. This team has an excess of talent in the front court. As a result, their backcourt depth is suffering. With Fred VanVleet departing in free agency for the Houston Rockets, that holds especially true. The Raptors could use some guards. 

By contrast, the Boston Celtics have a fairly balanced roster ahead of 2023-24. With that said, this team lost Grant Williams to the Dallas Mavericks this summer. The Celtics could look to replace him. Could they do so by sending Malcolm Brogdon to the Raptors? 

The Trade Proposal 

Boston Celtics Receive: F/C Chris Boucher, F/C Thaddeus Young 
Toronto Raptors Receive: G Malcolm Brogdon

We should correct ourselves. Every team in the NBA needs a balanced roster – eventually. After all, every team in the league doesn’t have the same intentions. Some are trying to win now, while others are trying to win later. 

Yet, to an extent, even rebuilding teams need to think about roster balance. In the early stages of a rebuild, teams look to stockpile talent. They may not pass on a talented young point guard simply because they already have a talented young point guard. Fair enough. Still, these teams need to be aware that, eventually, they’ll be deciding between talented young point guards. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Malcolm Brogdon, Boston Celtics & Toronto Raptors Updates

What are the Raptors’ intentions this season? It’s difficult to say. Plenty of fans had this team earmarked for a rebuild. That would be a reasonable decision. Yet, the Raptors have recently been linked to Damian Lillard. Could they settle on Brogdon instead?

Why The Toronto Raptors Do The Deal 

Well, Brogdon won’t carry the same cost as Lillard – not even close. In fact, the Raptors are getting him at something of a discount here. Brogdon is injury-prone, and there have been whispers of his deteriorating relationship with the Celtics organization. 

Who knows whether there’s any truth in those rumors? Still, if there are, the Raptors could stand to benefit. Brogdon would be the best player in this deal. When healthy, he’s a solid two-way guard. Brogdon can make plays for himself and others, space the floor, and defend the point of attack. In some respects, he’s a good replacement for VanVleet. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Malcolm Brogdon, Boston Celtics & Toronto Raptors Updates

Again – we don’t know what the Raptors’ intentions are this year. Yet, they can justify running a similar roster back. Sure, they had a disappointing 2022-23 season. A coaching change and a third-year leap from Scottie Barnes could change their fortunes in 2023-24 – and Brogdon could help, too. Should the Celtics give him up? 

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal 

Recently, it’s been reported that Jayson Tatum is expected to run some point for Boston this season. That makes sense. Tatum has made significant strides as a playmaker since joining the NBA. Does that mean Brogdon is expendable? 

We may not go that far. Still, if Tatum is going to be a primary playmaker, trading him gets easier. Moreover, the Celtics have Payton Pritchard lying in wait – moving Brogdon could help them unleash the young guard. Still, Boston shouldn’t dump Brogdon for salary relief. The Celtics would need to get useful rotation players in return for him. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Malcolm Brogdon, Boston Celtics & Toronto Raptors Updates

Here, they would be. Boucher is a solid floor spacing combo big who has defensive value as a weak side shot blocker. Young is aging, but he remains a versatile defensive forward who offers some playmaking. Each of these guys would add to Boston’s frontcourt depth – and make them more balanced in the process. 

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