Celtics Trade For Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie In New Bold Proposal

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Rumors can spread like wildfire. Sometimes, they get out of control. That’s true in the NBA as well. People hear things, and they spread them. Sometimes, there’s no truth in them in the first place. 

Is that the case with Malcolm Brogdon of the Boston Celtics? We can’t say. All we know is what’s reported. It was reported that Brogdon was annoyed with the organization. More recently, it’s been reported that he isn’t. What’s the situation here? 

Who can say? Either way, Boston could consider moving Brogdon. They apparently have concerns about his health. Meanwhile, Derrick White is a similar, defensive-minded combo guard. The Celtics could look to diversify their backcourt rotation. Could they do so by acquiring Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets? 

The Trade Proposal 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: G Malcolm Brogdon, G Payton Pritchard 
Boston Celtics Receive: G Spencer Dinwiddie, F Royce O’Neale 

The Brooklyn Nets have dealt with far too many rumors in recent years. In that sense, they must feel some relief. On the other hand, there might be some sadness in the hearts of their fans as well. Nets fans can’t help but think of what might have been. 

Obviously, we’re talking about the brief superteam era of Nets basketball. Those teams were plagued by rumors. Harden was unhappy with Irving. Irving wouldn’t resign. Durant wouldn’t resign unless the Nets resigned Irving. This was like middle school – everyone was spreading rumors about everyone else. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics Updates

Unsurprisingly, it was unsustainable. There was a lot of talent on those teams, but the personalities didn’t mesh. By all accounts, rumors surrounding the star trio had at least some truth in them. Could the Brogdon rumors be true as well? 

Why The Boston Celtics Do The Deal 

We don’t know. Frankly, we don’t care. This deal makes sense for Boston whether Brogdon is happy with them or not. If they really have concerns about his health, they should move on. The Celtics are serious title contenders – they can’t afford to lose a key rotation player at any point in the season. 

Besides, Dinwiddie may be a better fit for this roster anyway. Brogdon is a better defender, and he may be a better passer. Still, Dinwiddie is a more reliable ball handler and a tougher shot-maker. For a team with White already on the roster, that’s a more valuable skill set. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics Updates

Finally, don’t overlook the addition of O’Neale. The Celtics just lost Grant Williams, and O’Neale would be a perfect replacement. All told, this deal ought to make the Celtics a better team. What does it do for the Nets? 

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal 

We don’t mean to say Dinwiddie is a better overall player than Brogdon. He isn’t. These are comparable players, but if anything, we’d give the edge to Brogdon. This deal could stand to make both teams involved more competitive. 

Yet, that’s not the main point for the Nets. For them, this is either about adding Pritchard or clearing cap space. After all, the young sharpshooter is on an expiring deal. If the Nets like what they see in him after making this deal, they’ll be in a position to extend him in restricted free agency. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics Updates

If not? They’ll shed a little cap space by moving O’Neale. In other words, this is a win-win deal for Brooklyn. It will help them now, or, it will help them later. Don’t be surprised if this deal finds its way into the rumor mill. 

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