Clippers Trade For Hornets’ Terry Rozier In Bold Proposal

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The Charlotte Hornets made a bold decision this summer. Heading into the 2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson was widely held to be the second-best prospect. The Hornets had the second overall pick. In the end, they’d stray from consensus. The Hornets selected Brandon Miller instead. 

Their logic was sound enough. Henderson projects to be a ball-dominant point guard. The Hornets already have one of those. LaMelo Ball is their franchise player. So, the Hornets opted to pick a player who fits alongside him with the second overall pick. 

Fair enough. Still, it begs a question. Is Terry Rozier the right fit alongside Ball? He can be ball-dominant in his own right. The Hornets may do well to move Rozier for some future-focused assets. Could they send him to the Los Angeles Clippers? 

The Trade Proposal 

Charlotte Hornets Receive: F/C Marcus Morris Sr., G/F Brandon Boston Jr., G Jason Preston, 2029 First-Round Pick (Top 5 Protected – LAC) 
Los Angeles Clippers Receive: G Terry Rozier 

The Hornets’ decision sparked its share of debate. Some felt that the team made the right decision. Others think that they made a critical mistake. To be sure, there are valid cases to be made in each direction. 

Isn’t the league trending towards playmaking? Having multiple players on the floor who can make plays for themselves and others is an advantage. In all likelihood, Ball and Henderson would have made for a unique offensive dynamic. On the other hand, it’s possible that they’d diminish each other’s abilities. Henderson may not be a great shooter at the NBA level. Ball is a lethal three-point threat, but do the Hornets want to take the ball out of his hands? 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets & Los Angeles Clippers Updates

It doesn’t matter now. The Hornets have made their decision. Miller is a strong prospect in his own right – as long as he hits his ceiling, the Hornets won’t care what Henderson becomes. Would trading Rozier be the next big decision this team should make? 

Why The Charlotte Hornets Do The Deal 

It’s debatable. Rozier is not Henderson. He’s a reliable three-point threat. Moreover, Rozier has a scoring mentality that makes for a nice contrast alongside the pass-friendly Ball. Still, the point holds. Rozier does the most damage with the ball in his hands. This is not a catch-and-shoot specialist. Rozier is closer to a hybrid guard. 

By contrast, Boston Jr. is more of a traditional off-guard. His opportunities have been limited on the contending Clippers, but he’s flashed some upside. Still, the main benefit of this deal for the Hornets isn’t losing Rozier, and it isn’t gaining Boston Jr., either. The Hornets do this deal to shed Rozier’s contract and pick up a protected first-round pick. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets & Los Angeles Clippers Updates

After all, Morris Sr. is on an expiring contract. The Hornets would clear a lot of cap space heading into next summer by making this deal. Throw in a lightly protected, distant first, and this should be incentive enough for the Hornets to move on from Rozier. Should the Clippers be interested in him? 

Why The Los Angeles Clippers Do The Deal 

By contrast, the Clippers enjoy flexibility because their best players are lethal off-ball threats. Neither Kawhi Leonard nor Paul George commands a massive usage rate. The Clippers can pair them with a ball-dominant point guard. In fact, that’s something they’re already trying to do. 

Will Russell Westbrook work as this team’s primary playmaker? It’s possible. With that said, Rozier should be more effective at this stage of his career. His ability to space the floor makes him more portable than Westbrook. All told, the two could form a formidable platoon at the point guard spot. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets & Los Angeles Clippers Updates

Meanwhile, this is no major loss for the Clippers. They’re not likely to clear the runway for Boston Jr. any time soon. Moreover, this pick is protected against disaster. If the Clippers have fallen apart by 2029, they’ll be likely to keep this pick. In that event, time will tell whether they make a conventional choice with it or not. 

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